In working with and advising many startups over the years, a common theme is knowing when it’s time to proactively scale up growth, and how to do so in a smart and efficient way. There are many growth frameworks out there, and founders I’ve met can sometimes have a hard time putting them into practice or knowing where to start. I found myself having similar conversations with founders interested in this topic, and put together this document initially to help guide those conversations, drawing on various sources (including Aaron Ross’ Predictable Revenue, Elad Gil’s High Growth Handbook, and A16Z’s post…

Our little startup grew from 3 to 5 this week as we landed our CTO and Lead Designer, both of whom I’ll brag about in a separate post (but suffice it to say we are very excited).

Next up is finding an entrepreneurial head of marketing to join the core team and to shape the company’s brand and go-to-market strategy from the ground up. The right candidate will be a strategic B2C marketer with strong execution skills, motivated by the company’s women-oriented mission, and have in-house experience with both beautifully designed brands and successful consumer Web/mobile products. …

I’m looking for a CTO or lead developer to join in building a NYC-based startup I’m cofounding with a killer team. It’s an awesome opportunity to shape the company’s technology direction and team from the ground up as our first engineer. I can provide more details on the concept privately, but at a high level, it’s a tech-based financial services platform (B2C) focused on women, and has the potential to be a disruptive and meaningful force.

If you’ve got great full stack software development experience building consumer Web/mobile products in a startup environment, and have an ability to contribute hands-on…

In 1991, Geoffrey Moore (@geoffreyamoore) published the classic book Crossing The Chasm which provided a hugely insightful framework for taking technology products to market, which has had a deep and lasting impact on many entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial companies, including me and my last co Andera.

There are many summaries around the Web more concise than I can provide here, but in a nutshell the key insight was that the tactics and strategies used at different stages of customer development are inherently different — that what it takes to land your first beta customer is different from what it takes to…

I’ve been spending a lot of time with startups recently and have found myself in similar conversations many times. Most early stage entrepreneurs are rightfully very focused on building product, and as a result, their pitches are nearly all focused on aspects of their product — how it works, why it’s better, and other important questions leading up to launch. And it means conversations with investors and mentors usually revolve around “what if you did it this way?” and “have you thought of this feature?” and “what about competitors who do it that way?”

But feature/functionality conversations at the early…

For years I kept a blog. I would write about personal stuff, business stuff, whatever was on my mind. Then Twitter came along and took all my thoughts, leaving me with little motivation to write long form when 140 characters could suffice.

The last six months I’ve taken a break from most social media, a period which coincided with selling my company, taking a sabbatical from work, traveling in Indonesia, exploring the California coast, roadtripping with my brother, getting divorced, getting in shape, hanging out with my kids, coming too close for comfort with a Ukrainian separatist rocket, and making the decision to do my next startup in NYC. Probably a few blog topics in there to be written.

So not sure what I’ll do with a blog this time around but I know I’d like to start communicating again. Looking forward to giving this another go.

Charlie Kroll

Chief Revenue Officer @, also EIR @ Bessemer Venture Partners. Previously 2x fintech founder (Andera, Ellevest).

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